So true. However, you make your decisions based on all the information available to you at the time. That is why it is called an “informed decision”.
However, you might not have had access to ALL the information when you made the original decision. It is therefore OK to review your decision when NEW INFORMATION becomes available to you. If your original decision does not produce the outcome you were hoping for – no matter how well you acted upon it – I suggest it’s time to review that decision. Check you information sources and try to gain more insight through better quality information – and yes – if needs be, make a new decision and ACT upon it.
As the great Jim Rohn used to say, “if you don’t like where you are – move! You are not a tree.”
As humans we fortunately do not have to keep on living with unwanted consequences. As Tony Robins said, “if you don’t like the outcome, change your input.”
It is however good to have a trusted person or two in your life who can guide you to find better information – ultimately however, you are the one who have to make you own decisions – as you are the one who must take responsibility for the consequences.

The Pinstriped Suit

When we have to make difficult decisions, the first thing we usually do is to go ask somebody for their opinion. The funny thing is, that what that person tells us doesn’t really help us make the decision. It just gives us an idea of that person’s perspective through the lens of their own life experience.

I recently had a big decision to make. One that would change the direction of my career. I asked friends, colleagues and mentors for their opinion on what I should do. In the end, while I received some great advice and insight, it didn’t really help me make my decision at all.

In fact it made it more difficult to make the decision because everyone else’s opinions kept adding more and more complexity to the situation.

I think the best way to make a difficult decision is to think long and hard about what…

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